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"Having worked in this office for 20 years, I am familiar with every facet of running this office.  I will be able to improve the office and effectuate my list of priorites on the day I assume the office."
Veterans'  Treatment Court

As the daughter of a United States Air Force Korean War Veteran, I support the men and women who have served our country.  I support a Veteran's Treatment Court for those who find themselves in the criminal justice system. 

First Time Drug Offenders

I will work with the misdemeanor courts to create a pre-trial diversion program for first time misdemeanor drug offenses.  This type of program has the potential to save Ellis County citizens court appointed attorney funds and reduce recidivism. 





Citizen Prosecutor Academy

 I will begin the first ever Citizens Prosecutor Academy in Ellis County.  Through these classes, the office will be able to educate citizens, create relationships, and impart knowledge of the criminal justice system.  This will be at no added expense to the taxpayers of the County. 


 I will open the lines of communication with all parties in the criminal justice system to ensure that our office is making effective and efficient use of the taxpayers money. 

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